MedLogistics offers medical logistics support, from the distribution of medical supplies to the complete integration of the supply chain.

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Has the logistical follow-up of your hospital, clinic or care facility become a source of stress for you and your teams? Managing your stocks is a real headache: between unreliable data, lack of space, increasing material shortages and costly destruction of the surplus, you don’t know where to turn.

Your teams are constantly on a tight schedule, spending more time on logistical concerns than on patients, while the workload has never been greater.

Would you like to find comfort and peace of mind at work for you and your staff, to stop hearing about the supply chain, to find quality time to focus on your core business, while increasing service performance and making your employees and patients happy?

What we offer

MedLogistics offers hospital logistics support to alleviate these problems. By entrusting your logistics and purchasing services to MedLogistics – a quality partner with a proven track record against competitors – you will regain profitability, increase your business potential, and control your inventory in terms of time and cost. You can finally enjoy peace of mind at work and allow your hospital staff to focus on what they do best: caring for patients.

No more rush jobs, no more lack of equipment, no more staff turnover, and no more stress: your patients are satisfied with the quality of the care they receive, with their experience in your hospital, and they do not hesitate to share this positive feedback!

When you choose MedLogistics, you are opting for quality hospital logistics support and a supplier of high-quality health care equipment. MedLogistics also supports you in your search for new products.

In addition to outsourcing hospital logistics for its customers, MedLogistics is also a producer of surgical masks Made in Luxembourg.

Our story

An adventure in hospital logistics

During the Covid-19 crisis, Santé Services S.A. actively collaborated with Laboratoires Réunis in the creation of Large Scale Testing in Luxembourg, as well as in its set-up and implementation. Our collaboration focused mainly on two projects:

  • Improvement of projects and implementation of a consulting service of Laboratoires Réunis.
  • Supply of medical devices for Large Scale Testing by MedLogistics.

As a result of these projects, MedLogistics realised that there was a need for continuous improvement in the supply chain of companies. This has led to the development of a real assistance to logistics in hospitals. Its help on these different projects allows these companies to have a more professional, more efficient, and less expensive supply chain.

Our activities

Hospital logistics support

MedLogistics is a logistics support service for healthcare professionals, ranging from the distribution of medical supplies to full supply chain integration. MedLogistics guarantees high quality logistics support in the hospital environment.

Aware of its societal mission, Santé Services, through MedLogistics, does not intend to limit itself to producing for its own needs, but also to allow other actors of the health sector, as well as other sectors and companies, to benefit from its production.

In addition to hospital logistics, four production lines for surgical and FFP2 masks are currently operational at its production site.

The Made in Luxembourg label has been granted by the Chamber of Commerce for all our surgical and FFP2 masks.

Logistical assistance and distribution of materials in hospitals

MedLogisticshospital logistics services cover more than 1,000 different products, stored in warehouses in Luxembourg, ensuring speedy distribution. In addition, our hospital logistics support includes the integration of our clients’ supply chain to:

  • Ensure a more efficient supply chain from purchase to delivery
  • Enable you to reduce logistics costs and certify guaranteed performance
  • Guarantee the integration of the supply chain according to your specific needs with a tailor-made solution
  • Refocus on your core business
  • Define a corporate responsibility strategy for your company
Aide logistique en milieu hospitalier. Production de masques. Aide logistique en milieu hospitalier. Production de masques made in Luxembourg.
Aide logistique en milieu hospitalier. Production de masques made in Luxembourg.

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Our projects

MedLogistics is active in several projects in the healthcare sector in Luxembourg, for example: