Last update : August 10th, 2023


SANTE SERVICES S.A. (hereafter “we” or “SASESA”) attaches great importance to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal data. This notice is intended to inform you of the use made of the personal data we collect, as well as the rights at your disposal.


Why do we process your data?

We collect and process your personal data for the purposes of:

  • managing and tracking candidate files;
  • selecting and interviewing candidates;
  • communication with candidates.


On what basis(es) do we process your data?

This data processing is done on the basis of execution of pre-contractual measures and our legitimate interests, in particular when your data is processed in order to contact you again for another vacancy, or for statistical purposes.


What types of data are collected?

In accordance with the law, we only collect the data necessary for accomplishing the purposes listed above. This data is generally that which you have provided to us through your curriculum vitae, your cover letter or any other document in support of your candidature. The data processed is mainly:

  • identification data (last name, first name, date of birth, gender, etc.);
  • contact details (postal address, telephone number, email address, etc.);
  • data concerning your qualifications and professional experience;
  • data relating to education and training (distinctions, qualifications, training, diplomas, etc.);
  • the other data mentioned in the curriculum vitae, the cover letter and any other information provided during the application process (photography, language skills, income, etc.).


How long is your data kept?

Your data is kept for the duration of the recruitment process. At the end of said process, the personal data of candidates who have not been selected will be kept for a maximum of 12 (twelve) months after the last contact with the candidate, unless the latter objects. The personal data of the successful candidates will be kept for the duration of the contractual relationship.


With whom is your data shared?

Your data is treated confidentially and is only shared with third parties when necessary and in accordance with the law. These third parties may include recruitment partners including, in particular, and where applicable, the Agence pour le développement de l’emploi (ADEM) (Agency for the Development of Employment). In the latter case, we ensure that your data remains in the European Union or countries offering a similar level of protection.


What are your rights?

In accordance with law, you have the following rights:

  • The right to information. We hope that this notice has answered your questions
  • The right to access your data.
  • The right to correct your data when it is erroneous or outdated.
  • The right to file a complaint with the Commission nationale pour la protection des données (CNPD) (National Commission for Data Protection) if you believe that the processing of your data does not comply with the law.

In certain cases, and under the conditions set by law, you also have the following rights:

  • The right to request deletion of your data.
  • The right to request limitation of the processing of your data.
  • The right to object to the processing of your data for legitimate reasons.
  • The right to portability of the data you have provided to us (i.e. the right to receive your personal data on a machine-readable medium), to the extent technically possible.


For any questions regarding the processing of your data or to exercise your rights, you can contact us:

9, Rue Edward Steichen
L-2540 Luxembourg


Modification of the information policy

In order to comply as closely as possible with regulations in effect, we agree to update this information notice whenever necessary.