city of luxembourg

Strategic deployment, setting up of the center, recruitment.

The Luxembourg City Testing Center is a project set up by MedLogistics in June 2021, open to anyone who wants to perform a certified rapid antigen test. Until the end of December 2021, the tests were free of charge in exchange for a certified Luxembourg City coupon. Thereafter, they were available at a price of 5€ (with a contribution from the City of Luxembourg), then at 15€. The test center closed its doors on February 28, 2022.

Initially located at 70 Grand Street, the center moved on November 20 to 17 Place du Theâtre. Every day, many people came to be tested in order to be able to present a negative test certificate to go to work or in certain public places, up to 300 tests per day, under the supervision of health care personnel. Since its launch, more than 50,000 tests have been performed.