medical analysis laboratories

Scale economies and greater efficiency thanks to logistics expertise

Medical analysis laboratories in Luxembourg face an ever-changing environment, where quality of care and operational efficiency are paramount. In this quest to offer high-quality healthcare services, while managing budgetary constraints, supply chain outsourcing is emerging as a ideal solution.

By outsourcing its supply chain, MedLogistics manages a whole range of activities, from the purchase of all medical supplies, to warehousing, order preparation and efficient product delivery. This approach enables medical laboratories to concentrate on their core business, while entrusting the logistical aspects to experts in the field. It also enables them to optimize their overall processes.

A successful strategy

One of the advantages of outsourcing is undoubtedly the reduction in operational costs. Indeed, by entrusting MedLogistics with their supply chain management, laboratories can benefit from economies of scale and increased efficiency resulting from logistics expertise. What’s more, the time freed up allows these resources to be allocated to essential activities, such as the expansion of advanced medical analysis services. Caregivers and laboratory experts, meanwhile, can concentrate more on crucial medical tasks, ensuring improved quality of patient care. In addition, the availability of all our products has been greatly improved, making all our activities much smoother.


Spread over 12 months, this project undertook an in-depth analysis of data, information flows, physical flows and the human aspect of the Laboratories, with a view to optimization and outsourcing. The first stage of the project involved a thorough investigation of the customer’s current and future needs. By gathering valuable data, MedLogistics was able to develop a solid strategy to meet the challenges ahead. This analysis identified key areas for improvement, such as information flow, inventory management and order-picking processes.

A comprehensive review of stock levels was undertaken to assess actual demand and usage trends for essential medical products. This created a solid basis for data adjustment, to ensure a smooth transition to the new logistics environment.

The culmination of this ambitious project was the move to the external warehouse in October 2022. Meticulously planned, the move was the culmination of the concerted efforts of the entire MedLogistics team involved.

Company benefits

The decision to outsource the Supply Chain to an external warehouse has been more than fruitful for these laboratories, as the benefits have been manifold:

  • Exceptional improvement in service rate (over 98%)
  • Reduction in stock value (-15%)
  • Monitoring of operations via KPIs
  • Anticipation of potential shortfalls and substitutes to be implemented

Successful outsourcing with multiple benefits

This Supply Chain optimization and outsourcing project for Medical Analysis Laboratories has been an exciting journey towards operational excellence. Thanks to in-depth analysis, strategic data adjustments and a well-orchestrated move to an external warehouse, the Laboratoires are now well positioned to meet future needs, while maintaining their commitment to delivering superior healthcare.
Romain Labé
Head of MedLogistics