Santé Services S.A. makes its experts in medical project management available to you with its health strategy consultancy offer.

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Would you like to adapt your company’s offering to ensure future profitability, but the unpredictable nature of the current global situation makes it difficult to implement new projects? MedConsulting provides unique support for project management in the medical field with its health strategy consultancy

Strategy consultancy

MedConsulting – your health strategy consultancy by Santé Services

Building on the skills of our team and previous project experience, we are proud to be able to offer you an extensive portfolio of services. Each project is transformative in nature and we have designed our service offering to support you throughout the process.

We have developed a ‘one-to-one’ approach to improving the organisation and operational performance of our clients working in healthcare. Your company is unique, whether it be in terms of your vision, the constraints on your operations or your culture. Taking these particularities into consideration is the key to achieving long-term change. Today, our health strategy consultancy is proud to have clients in both the public and private sector and to provide a multitude of transformation services: project and change management, restructuring and organisation, procurement, operational excellence, analytics, digitalisation, etc.

Our Activities

Our activities: a health strategy consultancy for all your medical projects

Since 2020 and the COVID-19 epidemic, we have been trusted advisors to the Luxembourg healthcare sector, working with dedication, passion and pragmatism. We continue to live by our values and results-oriented culture focussing on what we do best: helping you overcome any challenges you face. Santé Services S.A. has created its health strategy consultancy to support you in all your hospital projects.

Our down-to-earth, analytical and practical approach infuses your projects with a highly collaborative way of working. We work with you to develop a unique strategy based on your needs.

Our services

Our services: find out what our health strategy consultancy can do for you

Our day-to-day collaboration will enable us to meet all your needs:

  • Management, Restructuring, Organisation and Change Management:

In a hectic and ever-changing world, it is necessary to adapt your business today to ensure your profitability tomorrow. To achieve this efficiency, you need effective processes that are supported by the right system and a skilled workforce. Our consulting on management, restructuring, organisation and change management will help you to achieve this efficiency goal.

  • Programme and Project Management:

Transparency and coordination are key values in ensuring the success of any project, including in the health sector. We have developed a management approach based on AGILE project resolution methods. It has proven itself on large-scale projects.

  • Purchasing:

By optimising your expenses, you will increase your profit margin. Procurement is one of the most beneficial areas to improve your business through category management, supplier and team excellence.

  • Operational Excellence:

All members of our health strategy consultancy have industrial experience. They have been trained to innovate and find effective and efficient solutions to challenge the status quo. By thinking outside the box, we work with you to implement pragmatic, results-oriented solutions for your health care project.

  • Analytics:

Nowadays, most companies have a lot of data at their disposal. Our advanced analytics services will support your business by transforming data into relevant, business-oriented information that has a strategic impact on your project management.

  • Strategy:

The unknown, uncertainty and change are all elements that any leader must deal with when defining a vision and a strategy. Our health strategy consultancy starts with an analysis of your situation, providing ideas and input regarding your future and subjects for consideration. We then turn this conceptual discussion into tangible, practical actions for your project.

  • Supply chain solutions:

The pandemic has revealed the limitations of current supply chain solutions. A new world order requires a new approach. With its expertise in strategy, our team successfully guided a major healthcare player through the 2020/2021 crisis by redefining the rules of supply chain management and implementing simple but effective solutions to meet complex and changing demands.

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MedConsulting is active in several projects within the Health Care sector in Luxembourg, for instance :

Our team

MedConsulting has his staff spread over the 4 sites of the Hôpitaux Robert Schuman: the Hôpital Kirchberg, the ZithaKlinik and the Clinique Sainte-Marie.

About us

We have developed an approach to improve the organisation and the operational performance of our clients. Each company is unique either by their vision, the constraints of their operations or their culture. To consider these particularities are key to achieve a sustainable transformation.

Today, we are proud to count clients within the public and private sector.
We are proud to provide a strong transformation portfolio of services: project and change management, restructuration and organisation, procurement, operational excellence, analytics, digitalisation…