Santé Services S.A. put its management consultants in the healthcare sector at your disposal to help you make informed decisions, support you in your transformation (technological and business) or empower your staff through training.

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Do you want to transform your organisation to make it more efficient and effective, but don’t know how or where to start? MedConsulting can help you with your transformation by analysing and reviewing your business and operating model (governance, financial and operational performance, processes, technology & data, human resources and sourcing).

What do we do?

MedConsulting – your health management and transformation consulting firm by Santé Services

Building on the skills of our team and previous project experiences, we are proud to offer you an extensive portfolio of services. Each project is transformative in nature and we have designed our offering to support you throughout the process.

We have developed a collaborative approach to improving the organisation and operational performance of our healthcare professional customers. Your business is unique, whether in terms of its vision, the constraints of your operations or your culture. Taking these particularities into account is the key to achieving a sustainable transformation. Today, our healthcare management and transformation consulting firm is proud to have clients in both the public and private sectors (hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, specialised centres, etc.) to provide a multitude of transformation services: strategic analysis (financial and organisational), project and change management, operational excellence, digitalisation and training.

Our purpose

A health management and transformation consulting firm for all your projects.

Santé Services S.A. has set up its healthcare management & transformation consulting firm in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Since then we have been trusted advisors to healthcare institutions and continue to support and develop the healthcare sector in Luxembourg by providing pragmatic and collaborative solutions to our clients’ challenges.

We believe that by working with dedication, care and pragmatism, we can deliver high-value strategic advice to our clients and help you build a unique and tailored solution to your problems.

Our services

Find out what our health management and transformation consulting firm can do for you

Our extensive portfolio of services will enable us to meet all your needs:

  • Management and Transformation Consulting

In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, you need to adapt your business today to ensure future profitability. To achieve this, you need efficient processes supported by the right system and a skilled workforce. Our consultants will develop a unique approach for your business to achieve your desired objectives.

  • Project Management

Transparency and coordination are the key success factors of any project, including in the healthcare sector. We have developed a management approach based on proven project resolution methods (PRINCE 2, Agile, Lean Management). This approach has been tried and tested on large-scale projects.

(Find out how Santé Services managed the Large Scale Testing project in collaboration with the LIH and Laboratoires Réunis)

  • Operational Excellence

All the members of our management & transformation consulting firm have past professional experiences in other industries (Banking, Insurance, Public Sector, Chemicals, Industrial) where they have been trained to innovate and find effective and efficient solutions to challenge the status quo. By thinking outside the box, we work with you to implement pragmatic, results-oriented solutions for your healthcare project.

(Find out how we redesigned the operating model of a blood collection centre to improve the patient pathway and internal organisation)

  • Strategy

The unknown, uncertainty and change are all elements that managers have to deal with when defining their vision and strategy. Our experts start by analysing your current situation (As-Is), bringing in internal and external ideas and contributions to define several target scenarios (To-Be). We then turn this conceptual discussion into tangible, practical actions to help you put your vision into action.

  • Lean Management & Project Management Training

Working with our partners, we identified the need to create practical training that would enable management and operational teams to solve problems and manage projects independently. To this end, we have developed the Lean Management Healthcare – Green Belt training course, with a standard body of training for the healthcare sector and a section tailored to the institution’s expertise (hospital, specialist centres, care homes). We develop customised training to build a common knowledge base for our customers, with the aim of disseminating it throughout the institution.

Find out about the effects of Lean Management Healthcare training at the Rehazenter – Centre National de Rééducation Fonctionnelle et de Réadaptation.

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