Are you looking for a solution for your hospital’s meal distribution ? MedHospitality is a hospital catering outsourcing service. It takes care of managing meals in your medical establishment for you, from ordering to distribution, including production and delivery.

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As an active part of Santé Services and in close collaboration with the Robert Schuman Hospitals, MedHospitality manages the distribution of meals in your hospital environment, as well as a food truck to enhance your private events

Has managing meals in your care facility become too costly, complex or energy-consuming? Do the dietary and medical constraints of the patients make menu preparation difficult? Do you lack the space and resources for preparation?

The well-being of your patients and staff is important to you and you want to improve the quality of your meals, lighten the load on your teams, and recover useful space while reducing your costs and refocusing on your core business.

MedHospitaly is the solution!

MedHospitality, our catering outsourcing service, includes the production, delivery, and distribution of meals in hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities.

Considering that meals are part of the key moments of your hospital but that it is not your core business, we seek to facilitate your work, to relieve you of their complex management and to make these moments convivial and pleasant, with the greatest respect for the nutritional characteristics of the meals, by putting the needs and expectations of consumers at the heart of our reflection.

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Our activities

Distribution and delivery of meals in hospitalS, preparation of meal trays and food trucks

MedHospitality consists of an outsourced catering service, as well as a food truck, offering fresh and local products, available to enhance your private events.

Take the burden of managing meals off your shoulders with our catering service

As a hospital meal tray preparer, we take care of the preparation and delivery of meal trays on your behalf, while taking great care to ensure that the dietary requirements of each patient and the quality of the menus are met. We take care of the ordering, production, delivery, and distribution of meals to the relevant floors of your establishment. You no longer have to worry about anything, and you recover precious time and space for your main activity: caring for your patients.

By using MedHospitality, you will be able to gain better control of your budget and make economies of scale while increasing the quality and range of meals and patient satisfaction. You’ll also opt for sustainable and eco-responsible cooking: reducing waste, using fresh, local, and regional products. Not only will this ease the workload of all your teams, but it will also give you energy, time, and peace of mind.

Rely on our solid expertise in this field and choose our catering service!

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Bring a playful touch to your private events with our food truck.

We offer you the services of our food truck to bring a touch of originality to your private events: healthy menus, prepared with the greatest care, to eat on the go.

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Our catering philosophy in preparing meals

  • Use of fresh, untreated products
  • Reduction of organic waste
  • Use of local and regional products to contribute to the development of the local economy
  • Offering a range of varied and balanced menus in hospitals
  • Careful presentation of the meal trays and warmth in the distribution of the meals
  • Provide a convivial setting for the meal and make it a moment of well-being

Our food policy, focused on the needs of consumers

MedHospitality makes it a point of honour to adapt its food offer and meal trays to the different specific diets of its patients and to offer a varied and balanced range of food to all employees of the Robert Schuman Hospitals group. The menus (for patients, staff, and visitors) are drawn up by our chefs in collaboration with dieticians and approved by the medical profession according to the pathologies concerned. The meal trays distributed in hospitals or other care establishments are systematically checked by the catering dietetics team to ensure that the tray meets the nutritional requirements of each patient.

Our food offer for patients, staff and visitors

In addition to the meals designed for patients, our company restaurants for employees and visitors offer a wide range of menus: a menu of the day, a show cooking menu, a vegetarian menu, a pasta bar, a salad bar, and cold dishes (sandwiches and sushi), all homemade by our teams in the kitchens of the various sites.

Distribution des repas en hôpital. Préparation avant livraison par une collaboratrice. Distribution des repas en hôpital. Préparateur de plateau-repas en cuisine
Distribution des repas en hôpital. Préparation des plateaux repas en cuisine.

They trust us

They trust us for the distribution of meals in hospitals : our fruitful collaboration with the Robert Schuman Hospitals

At the Robert Schuman Hospitals, MedHospitality is responsible for all catering, from meal trays for patients to restaurants for staff and visitors.  MedHospitality consists of two large production sites: the Kirchberg Hospital – which also produces meals for the Bohler Clinic and the Sainte-Marie Clinic – and the ZithaKlinik. Its main activity is to manage the catering activities of the Robert Schuman Hospitals group for patients (MedHospitality is responsible for the preparation, delivery, and distribution of meals in the hospitals), but also for staff and visitors. MedHospitality also runs the Ho’Co (Hospitality Corner) restaurants for visitors, as well as a premium catering service for the first-class suites and rooms at the Bohler Clinic.


Here is a list of the projects we have worked on at the HRS:

Renovation of the kitchens of the Kirchberg Hospital and the ZithaKlinik

Among the various projects underway, the renovation of the kitchens at the Kirchberg Hospital and ZithaKlinik sites is one of the most significant.

Transformation of the Kirchberg Hospital restaurant

The restaurant of the Kirchberg Hospital, open to employees and visitors, has been completely renovated. The space has been completely redesigned and reorganised. The inauguration took place on 29 October 2019.

Extension of the winter garden of the Kirchberg Hospital

With a view to continuous improvement and the well-being of its employees, MedHospitality aims to provide the best possible catering service. The extension of the winter garden on the terrace of the Kirchberg Hospital’s staff restaurant was designed with this in mind. It is intended to provide 70 additional seats and has been available to employees and partners since November 2021.

Waste management and use of organic and/or local production

Following a long period of reflection and workshops organised by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, and with the aim of reducing food waste, the Robert Schuman Hospitals, in collaboration with Santé Services and IMS Luxembourg, have strategically developed a system for sorting food waste in the self-service areas of the various company restaurants. This initiative enables them to participate in more sustainable food purchases and its challenges:

  • Buy more seasonal and local products
  • Build a food specification (more CSR oriented)

Extension project to the new psychiatry tower (Kirchberg site)

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A few figures

130 000 food days per year for the Kirchberg site
50 000 food days per year for the ZithaKlinik
30 000 food days per year for the Sainte-Marie Clinic
95 000 meals per year for the staff of the Kirchberg site
50 000 meals per year for the staff of the ZithaKlinik
8 000 meals per year for the staff of the Sainte-Marie Clinic

Our team

MedHospitality, for its hospital meal preparation and delivery services as well as its catering services, currently employs 75 people spread over the 4 sites of the Robert Schuman Hospitals.


Our story

Formerly called “Les Saveurs de la santé”, MedHospitality grouped together the various catering activities – mainly the preparation of meals in hospitals – of the former sites (Sacré Cœur, Sainte-Elisabeth and Saint-François) which formed the current Kirchberg Hospital. The team of “Les Saveurs de la santé” grew with the successive mergers with the Bohler Clinic in 2006 and the ZithaKlinik in 2015. In 2014, “Les Saveurs de la santé” became Santé Services S.A. when the Robert Schuman Hospitals, as we know them today, were formed.


As an active part of Santé Services and in close collaboration with Robert Schuman Hospitals, MedHospitality considers that meals are one of the key moments in the day for patients and staff alike and is working towards continuous improvement of meals delivered to hospitals in order to make these moments convivial and enjoyable, while putting the needs and expectations of consumers at the heart of its thinking.