Santé Services S.A. offers you expert assistance in Lean Management to help you optimise and improve the management of your hospital or medical facility.


Santé Services S.A. offers you expert assistance in Lean Management to help you optimise and improve the management of your hospital or medical facility.

Lean management in hospitals

Lean management has become a key element in the organisation of companies in a very short time, and is now playing a vital role in hospitals. To cope with the new demands and challenges highlighted by the health crisis, your company’s activities need to be adapted and efficient processes supported by the right system and a skilled workforce need to be implemented. Our strategy consultancy will help you achieve your goals for efficiency and future profitability.

Lean is about adding value from the perspective of your patients and eliminating anything that does not add value to the end product – the quality of care – in a process of continuous improvement. Transparency and coordination are our key values to ensure the success of your project. We have developed a management approach based on AGILE project resolution methods that have been proven on large-scale projects.

MedConsulting : Lean management in hospitals

MedConsulting, a strategy consulting firm, offers unique lean management assistance for your hospital. Drawing on our team’s experience and our previous projects, we have developed solid expertise in hospital management.

Each project is transformative in nature and we tailor our advice to support you along the way and lead you to a simplified and improved management system.

Since 2020 and the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been trusted advisors to the healthcare sector in Luxembourg and Belgium, demonstrating dedication, passion and pragmatism. Our values and results-oriented culture continue to inform our approach to each new project, with a focus on what we do best: helping our clients overcome any challenges they face.

At the service of logistics

Management aid for hospital logistics

By choosing Santé Services for its medical logistics support service, you can rely on a transparent partnership based on trust, with the use of lean management methods to optimise your internal operations and the import of medical equipment to your hospital.

Our team of experts has the mission of developing a process to improve the performance of your logistics as a whole. In addition to assistance in the acquisition of modern medical equipment to ensure that you are up to date with technological advances, our team of medical supply chain experts will also assist you in maintaining it.

Our team will also help you set up a lean management system in your hospital to simplify your work in the long term, thanks to various action levers for improving your logistics on a daily basis. By improving the systems for the procurement and import of medical supplies in hospitals, you can harmonise and optimise the various processes required to ensure the smooth running of your facility. This will relieve your team of these purely logistical aspects, giving them the time, strength and energy to focus on patient care.

Meeting logistical needs

How our lean management approach works in hospitals: meeting the logistical needs of healthcare institutions

Thanks to the experience of our team and the skills acquired through previous projects, we are proud to offer a broad portfolio of services in the field of healthcare strategy. Each project is transformative and we have designed our service offering to support our clients throughout their project. Our down-to-earth, analytical and practical approach gives our assignments a highly collaborative way of working. We develop a unique strategy based on your needs.

Lean management has already been proven in many healthcare institutions and can be adapted to the specific culture of your project. Your employees’ expertise is a key lever. Our logistics support aims to provide your institution with a streamlined operation.

We analyse the processes already in place in your care home to identify any difficulties and solve them by implementing modern logistics support systems. The hospital lean management method can be applied to improve the import of medical equipment and the management of this equipment, helping your hospital to improve its overall operation. The aim of this collaboration is to implement an evolving system of learning and continuous optimisation driving the constant improvement of the logistical aspects of your establishment.


Benefits of the lean management approach for your hospital

  • By optimising your expenses, you will increase your profit margin. Procurement is one of the most promising areas for improving your business through category management, and supplier and team excellence.
  • Thanks to the industrial experience of all our team members, you are able to innovate and find effective and efficient solutions to challenge the status quo. We help you to generate pragmatic, results-oriented solutions for your healthcare project.
  • Our advanced analytics services will support your business by transforming your data into useful, business-oriented information that has a strategic impact on your project management.
  • We bring a fresh perspective to your vision and strategy and provide new ideas to turn this conceptual discussion into tangible, practical action.
  • With its expertise in strategy, our team successfully guided a major healthcare player through the 2020/2021 crisis by redefining the rules of supply chain management and implementing simple yet effective solutions to complex and evolving requirements.


Would you like to improve the operation of your hospital thanks to our partnership based on lean management in hospitals? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss your project together.

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