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« Health Bells – Meng Gesondheet an ech »,A new periodical edited by Mediahuis Luxembourg and Santé Service that focuses on your health; from prevention to hospitalization and, hopefully, recovery.

The mission of our editorial staff is to provide readers with accurate and reliable information in a complex and constantly changing field.

Health Bells is dedicated to informing and participating in health education through in-depth articles, special features, expert opinions and other informative and practical editorial formats available to all.

The Health Bells magazine, which will be published four times a year, is edited under the responsibility of an editorial committee that works closely with health professionals. It is the know-how of these people in the field, it is their expertise that makes the health bells ring; the “Health Bells”. Making the patient a true partner of health professionals is one of the priorities of the Hôpitaux Robert Schuman, which are collaborating on this project.

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Issue 1: Diabetes

Main theme: Diabetes

  • Diabète : une maladie incurable mais gérable. Entretien avec les diabétologues Dr Danièle de la Hamette (HRS) et Dr Carine de Beaufort (CHL)
  • Dr Marc Berna (HRS) im Interview : « Gesundheit hat ihren Preis, aber vor allem ihren Wert »
  • Comportement : exercice physique et alimentation : quels réels bienfaits pour la santé ?

Release date: April 2022


Issue 2: Cardiology

Main theme: Cardiology

  • Über 52 000 Patienten in zwei Jahrzehnten – Nationales Herzzentrum mit positiver Bilanz
  • Interventionelle Kardiologie : Alle Vorzüge und Garantien für den Patienten. Ein Interview mit Prof. Dr. Klaus Kallenbach und Prof. Dr. Serghei Cebotari
  • Exercice physique et alimentation : Les priorités pour protéger son cœur

Release date: September 2022


Issue 3: Mental Health

Main theme: Mental Health

Release date: December 2022


Issue 4: Clinical Research

Main theme: Clinical research

Release date: March 2023


Issue 5: Allergies

Main theme: Allergies

  • Allergies “Stay alert to your symptoms!” – Interview with Pr Dr Patrick Koch, dermatologist at HRS
  • Allergies “Allergic symptoms on the rise since 1970” – Interview with Dr Marion Chasseriaud, HRS pulmonologist
  • Psychology ” How to manage stress?
  • One product, one recipe: asparagus
  • Medical news from LuxembourgHôpitaux Robert Schuman

Release date: June 2023


Issue 6: Emergency

Main theme: Emergency

  • Emergencies: “Listen to yourself and trust your feelings and symptoms” – Interview with Dr Fabienne Koerperich, emergency physician and referral physician for the HRS Emergency Department
  • Emergencies: “Hand in hand with the patient” – An evolving partnership between the CGDIS ambulance and hospital ERs
  • Psychology: “What is schizophrenia?
  • One product, one recipe: lentils
  • Medical news from Luxembourg

Release date: September 2023


Issue 7: Health of young people

Main theme: Health of young people

  • Pediatric and adolescent medicine in Luxembourg: ” Mental distress makes children ill ” – Interview with Dr. Isabelle Kieffer and Dr. Salima Aarab: Concern about the increase in child abuse and criticism of the lack of outpatient structures
  • Psychology : ” Mes proches me disent que je bois trop, mais suis-je vraiment alcoolique ? “
  • Therapies: Meeting young patients playfully in a protected environment
  • Un produit une recette : l’asperge
  • Actualités médicales au Luxembourg

Release date: December 2023



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